Meet Anna Crowe

Anna Crowe is a Southern California-based voice actor who loves the written and spoken word.  Starting with the weirdest college job possible, when Anna read court transcripts out loud to court reporting students, she has forged a longstanding career in communicating stories with meaning and clarity.  

Anna is the warm female voice of authority: polished, engaging & believable.  She is a skilled English/Spanish bilingual talent with 6+ years experience narrating corporate, medical, eLearning, commercials, fiction and nonfiction audiobooks and more.  From her professional-grade studio, Anna infuses warmth and meaning into narration that connects, instructs or entertains.  Decades of co-running a successful TV marketing agency shaped a team-player mentality that results in clients receiving quality work delivered on time, on budget, hold the drama.

Living close to the California coast with her husband and oversized dog, but not close enough to her kids and grandkids, Anna is an avid 'foodie' and happy traveler.